Our activity focuses predominantly on rendering comprehensive services to business entities. We advise our Clients on their current activity, and especially we offer them:

  • negotiation, assessment and preparation of agreements and other legal documents (especially, resolutions, bylaws and internal regulations)
  • preparation of opinions and delivery of legal advice
  • legal analysis under due-diligence
  • full service in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, including preparation of bankruptcy petitions and representation of the bankrupt entity during the proceedings, as well as comprehensive legal assistance to receivers
  • preparation of the investment process in real estate business
  • representation before courts of las and administrative courts and before other adjudicating agencies and institutions
  • pre-court negotiations with debtors, enforcement and recovery of debts
  • registration of companies
  • representation in public procurement proceedings

Individual client

We offer individual Clients e.g.:

  • running cases in civil law – esp. analysis and preparation of agreements, legal assistance in extra-judicial settlement of disputes, enforcement of receivables, compensation, etc.;
  • running divorce cases, matters related to family property relationships, enforcement of child support dues, etc.;
  • running inheritance proceedings – especially, determination of legacy acquisition, division of legacy, acceptance/refusal of legacy, etc.;
  • running cases in labor law – particularly, providing opinions on employment contracts, compensations, re-employment, manager’s contracts, etc.;
  • running cases in administrative law – including those regarding building permits, representation before public administration bodies, administrative courts, etc.;
  • real estate consulting – especially, regarding sales agreements, opinions about agreements with housing co-operatives and developers, establishment of legal status of estate, dissolution of the joint property, acquisitive prescription, violation of possession, return of expropriated estate, etc.

Form of rendering the services

We provide our Clients with legal assistance through:

  • regular duty shifts of a legal counsellor or trainee at the Client’s office;
  • direct meetings and consultations, according to the current needs of the Client;
  • representation before courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, and public administration bodies;
  • preparation of legal opinions and analysis concerning actions planned by the Client;
  • providing information by the ITC system (e-mail, fax, telephone)


In recognition of services provided by us, we offer our Clients the following forms of settlement with us:

  • Flat rate fee – the value of the fee is fixed and pre-agreed upon by the Firm and the Client. This method is used, first of all, for legal services provided to entrepreneurs on a steady basis and for running litigations;
  • Hourly fee – a fee for each hour of the Firm’s work, fixed with the Client individually, the settlement takes place based on the legal counselor’s work time list;
  • Fee plus a bonus for success (success fee) – a system used particularly in case of especially complicated court actions, and an additional remuneration – except for the fixed fee – is paid for obtaining a decision favorable to the Client.